UTILIS Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. supplies technologies designed for critical field operations in a context of CBRN.

The scope of expertise covers all levels of technologies:

-Personal Protective Equipment


-Detection and Identification

-Collective Protection

-Training and consultancy

Field Medic

UTILIS Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.  has a global history of turnkey solutions for field hospitals, forward medical posts and other mobile medical facilities to be deployed in critical context, both in the civilian and military environments across the globe.

Tactical Equipment

UTILIS Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. distributes, adapts, redesigns and produces a wide range of tactical equipment responding to any specific need, protocol and doctrine. This capability covers various types of products such as:

  • Special Garments
  • Law Enforcement Equipment
  • Special Forces Technologies
  • Multispectral Camouflage
  • Ballistic Protection (Personal and Collective)
  • Field Logistics

UTILIS Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. is a company that has been developing upon challenges throughout the years! Please share with us your specific requirement; our team is ready to work it out!

Field Tactical

UTILIS Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. offers a wide range of modular tents, shelters, and fast deployment hangars designed to create “mission ready” mobile infrastructures. Our systems are equipped with high-technology fittings in terms of insulation and resistance to climatic conditions and allow limitless configurations with a broad scope of compatible accessories.

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